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Virtual Summer Camp FAQ’s

A collage of pictures of children's art and crafts.

Q: We were hoping for an in-person camp. Why aren’t you doing one?

A: After absorbing the latest mandate, restrictions and guidelines for an in-person camp in San Mateo County, we decided the safest, most enjoyable, cost effective and stress-free option was to do virtual camp. Also, the online format allows us to reach families all over the U.S. and offer 100+ morning and afternoon options!

Q: My kids just got done with distance learning, why would I want them staring at a computer screen during the summer?

A: You don’t! And neither do we. That’s why our summer camp is designed to be super social, interactive and hands-on. It’s 100% LIVE instruction with fun, expert artists. We promise, no boring YouTube videos or mindless projects. Your child will learn lifelong skills, socialize and have a blast! The online platform allows campers to meet kids from all over the country and invite their classmates, pals and even their cousin from Boise to join them!

Q: Is your camp all day? That seems like a long time to be inside on a computer.

A: We want our camp to be a great addition to your child’s own summer schedule (that is hopefully filled with outdoor play and family fun). Our camp is one, 60-minute class each day for a week, Monday – Friday. We offer classes like Yoga and Hip Hop to get them up and movin’! Your child picks the classes that interest them and you create a schedule that fits your needs! For example, if you select “Make a Splash Cartooning” and “Art From Down Under” the week of June 29th, your camper would attend both of those workshops every day for that particular week.

Pick one or pick them all! It’s totally up to you. Some families will sign up for a specific week of camp, take a break and then come back for another week. We know that having scheduled activities gives kids something to look forward to.

Q: Everyone and their brother seems to have virtual options now – some are even free! Why should I pick Dragonfly Designs?

A: Believe us, we know! Not all virtual camps are created equal. We’ve worked hard the last few months to adapt our time-tested, in-person curriculum (along with exciting new features) to an online format. We’ve gotten such great feedback that it will be a permanent offering. Here are some more reasons why you should choose us (if we do say so ourselves):

???? Trust: We’re a family-owned business and have been art educators for 15 years! Our passion is teaching children.

???? Quality & Value: We ship high-quality Material Kits with everything you need right to your door! No hunting for supplies all over town. We offer 100% live, expert instruction. Teaching, not screen sitting!

???? Inspiration: Every single project, from embroidery to painting to cartooning, is thoughtfully planned, purposeful and allows your child’s imagination to flourish. You will cherish the items they make for years to come!

???????????? Experience: Our classes have a 1:10 ratio. Two friendly instructors will work together to pick helpful camera angles, monitor the room, give personalized attention to each camper and most of all, bring the FUN!

We hope you’re excited as we are for our Virtual Summer Camp! We can’t wait to see your child’s smiling face. Don’t miss out – classes are filling up!

To view the full Camp Schedule and Register, click here.


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