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Throw a Party that POPS! Crafts + Popcorn Bar

A blue tablecloth on a table.
With cooler weather and a stream of holidays, the fall and winter months are designed for gatherings with family and friends. Without the use of a pool (built-in entertainment) or an outdoor space, you may be wondering what to do with a bunch of people inside your house. We’ve got a few ideas up the sleeve (of our new, cute cardigan). Sometimes the best ideas are the traditional ones! So, let’s get nostalgic and plan your next bash!
DIY Popcorn Bar Guide
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 What’s the Occasion?
  • Birthday
  • Kids’ Slumber Party
  • Moms’ Night Out
  • Holiday Crafting
  • Family Movie Night
  • It’s Finally Fall!
 Set the Scene
This theme appeals to guests of all ages and is great for connecting the generations. It’s easy. Just think back to what you enjoyed as a child. I remember how exciting it was to watch my mom make Jiffy Pop on the stove. The foil would expand, getting bigger and bigger until…POOF!  We’ve got an updated way to evoke those old-school vibes – a popcorn bar! Everyone’s favorite snack becomes interactive when you turn it into a DIY buffet. I made one for my daughter’s 18th birthday and it was a big hit. I discovered gourmet popcorn and yummy flavorings from family-run Dell Cove Spices & More. I was pretty intimidated to pop my own corn (hello, that’s why we have microwaves), but they made it so easy. And, I got to relive that “Jiffy” moment with my daughter and her friends! To tie in the party colors, we used non-toxic gold paint on the tops of the seasoning shakers. We realized these flower bouquet cones also double as cute popcorn holders!
Spark the Fun
When you’re planning activities for your event, think LOW tech. Instead of a PlayStation or VR goggles, put out classic games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, and, if you want hilarious photo ops, Twister!    The best way to get guests engaged (and off of their phones) is to give them something to do. Set up a table and help bring out their inner artist. Pick crafts that can be completed during the party time frame. For a sleepover, decorate pillowcases with fabric markers or attach our colorful beads to a canvas tote. Make it seasonal by gathering pretty leaves and turning them into a piece of art. We have cool ideas for making jewelry, crafting sequin ornaments, and even breaking out colored pencils and crayons to color! I did a Movie Night theme for my daughter’s party, which paired perfectly with the popcorn bar. We also played board games, made jewelry (of course!), munched on popcorn, and enjoyed sugar-rimmed mocktails. If you’re having a kid-free gathering, create a Retro Beverage Bar with classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Gimlet, and Amaretto Sour. Are you feeling groovy yet?  We hope you are inspired to unplug, go old school, and make forever memories with a Crafts + Popcorn Bar Party! Share the jewelry crafts you made, your tantalizing Popcorn Bar, and those sugar-rimmed drinks! Tag us on social media @hellodragonflyfun.  

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