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The Party’s (not) Over!

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Celebrating in the New Normal

Life as we knew it changed drastically back in March, from learning how to shelter-in-place with our families 24/7 (and not going bonkers,) to shopping for toilet paper like it was a scavenger hunt and teaching grandma how to video chat without having a view of her nasal passages! What we probably weren’t as prepared for is what to do about all of the holidays, birthdays, and other milestones that still occur pandemic notwithstanding.

Easter Sunday probably included an online church service and maybe a ham if you got your Instacart order in time, and some folks turned Passover into a “Zoomover!” Drive-by car parades became the way to celebrate everyone’s birthdays (is that a deflated balloon still hanging off of your back window?) and sadly, many high school and college seniors graduated by watching a pre-produced video in their living rooms. Weddings became intimate, backyard affairs with guests watching from afar. The bright side of all of this is how thoughtful and intentional it makes us – when you can’t do what you normally would, you tend to make a lot more effort!

So, here we are, about seven months in and still looking for fresh ways to connect socially and show others we care. We’ve definitely seen some trends lately and wanted to share them with you:

????Some of our parents are inviting a small group of their child’s friends over to SAFELY* share a private Virtual Art Class on one screen or “going in” on a group class to access via Zoom from their own homes. These are great for learning pods, distance learning and homeschooling co-ops.

*following CDC recommended guidelines for their county

????Companies and organizations are looking for ways to keep staff/members engaged and motivated as well as options to thank their clients. We recently hosted a Virtual Mandala Rock Painting class for a group of teachers who were more than happy to blow off some steam and be the students for a while! An event planner for a commercial property booked a Cartooning class for their retail tenants. They learned how to draw their own superhero and escape into another world.

????Girl Scout troops are using funds from their cookie sales to take our Drawing and Jewelry Making classes to learn art skills and earn badges.

????Kind kiddos that take our virtual art classes are putting their new skills to good use! Everything from selling their handmade jewelry to raise money for their local food bank to sending bracelets to healthcare workers, and even embroidering gifts for their family and friends!

Here are some more ways to connect through a Virtual Party:

????Acts of Kindness Party:

Throw a Virtual Mandala Rock Painting Party and then leave these special stones for strangers to find on their morning walk!

Join your pals for a Virtual Jewelry Making bash and then pop a handcrafted friendship bracelet or pair of earrings in the mail to brighten someone’s day.

????Girl Time:

For a Bridal or Baby Shower, celebrate with a hands-on activity like Virtual Watercolor Painting (cocktails optional!). Afterwards, play some fun games like Purse Scavenger Hunt or Name That Baby Tune!

????Out-of-the-Box Birthday

Drive-by car parades are great but you don’t have to stop there! Invite family and friends to join you on Zoom for an amazing guided craft like Cartooning, Painting (on canvas, stones, tote bags and cards), Jewelry Making or Embroidery! Each guest will end up with a one-of-a-kind keepsake of your special day.

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