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The Mental Health Benefits of Art for Children

Art As Therapy

Between schoolwork and extracurricular activities, children’s busy schedules can put them at risk of experiencing stress and anxiety. Art can provide much-needed stress relief by allowing children to focus their attention on a single task and find solace in the creative process. 

As a hands-on, active, and enjoyable form of therapy, art can reduce stress and build children’s self-esteem. Through art, children can learn to channel their emotions in a healthy and constructive way and improve their overall well-being. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or beading, the act of creating art can be meditative and therapeutic, giving children a break from their daily routines

Engaging the Whole Brain

Did you know that art classes are great for engaging both the left and right hemispheres of the brain? Art develops the integration of cognitive, emotional, and sensory processes, building skills like problem-solving, planning ahead, and fine motor coordination. 

Participating in art projects also helps children tap into their creativity and express their emotions. It’s an excellent way for children to think outside the box and foster personal growth and self-expression.

Cognitive / Analytical: Left Brain Creative / Emotional: Right Brain
1) number skills (counting and patterns) 1) creativity (thinking outside the box)
2) sustained attention/concentration 2) color coordination/aesthetics
3) problem-solving and planning ahead 3) self-expression and mood
4) self-control 4) abstract thinking and spatial awareness

Plus, this holistic approach to learning can enhance academic performance, too! Take pattern-making, for example. While it may seem like a simple artistic technique, pattern-making helps children practice their math and geometry skills. Children can flex their creative muscles and work on their academic abilities at the same time.

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