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Make an Ombré Watermelon Bracelet

A bracelet with green, pink, and yellow beads.

Are you ready for a fun, jewelry making project that looks good enough to eat?! This mouthwatering accessory features the popular technique of ombré (French for shadow or shade), where tones of color go from light to dark. Are you thinking ‘hey, like my hair?’ Yaaaaaas! And you don’t need to go to a salon to get it. 

With our Ombré Beading & Measuring Chart you and your kiddos can make this cool, multi-strand bracelet from the comfort of your own home! The perfect craft for any beginner/intermediate beader, the Watermelon Ombré Bracelet teaches skills like measuring, pattern making, and adding a clasp. Once you get these down, you’ll be able to make beaded bracelets (and more) any time you want! 

With this template, you can use beads in your favorite colors to create the ombré effect, so let your inner fashionista go to town!

Materials Needed For Ombré Bracelet

  • Five strands of flexible beading wire [brands include: accuflex, beadalon, soft flex],
  • Lobster clasp and extension chain
  • Two crimp beads
  • Bead stopper (optional)
  • Two different shades of pink (one lighter and one darker) of Czech glass size 11 seed beads, and three different shades of green (light, medium, and dark) of Czech glass size 11 seed beads
  • Ombre’ Beading Template

If the idea of roaming the aisles of your local craft store doesn’t sound appealing right about now, we get it! We have created a DIY Ombre Bracelet Kit with everything you need for the this project, and we will happily ship it right to your front door.

A note about the size of the seed beads: in our sample, the two pink colors are size 8 seed beads so they’re slightly larger than the green seed beads we used, and this was because those were the beads we had on-hand. You can follow our example and use different sized seed beads or use beads that are all the same size.

Steps for Making an Ombré Bracelet

1. Measure your wrist, or the wrist of the person you’re making the bracelet for and line it up against the measuring chart (click here to download a free measuring chart) to check for proper sizing

2. Cut five strands of size .014 or .015 diameter; 21 strand flexible beading wire [brands include: accuflex, beadalon, soft flex] so that they are 2-3″ longer than the beaded line on our measuring chart, and secure one end of the five strands with a bead stopper.

3. Before you start beading, divide the line on your measuring chart into fifths and mark each fifth on the chart.

4. To start beading, use the dark pink shade of seed beads on each strand of flexible beading wire altering the number of beads on each strand. You don’t want every strand to have the exact same number of dark pink beads because you want there to be a natural progression of colors.

5. Next, you’re going to start gradually adding in the lighter pink seed beads, you do so by taking 1 to 3 beads of your second color and stringing them on, then put two more of the dark pink seed beads on. Staggering them to get the ombré effect.

6. You should be fully transitioned to the lighter pink, and now you can bead to the second mark on the measuring chart.

7. Repeat the third step when it’s time for you to work in the green seed beads that you’ve chosen

8. Remember to measure your bracelet on your wrist by securing each end with a bead stopper or tape before finalizing it with the clasp & extension chain to make sure you’re not making it too long or too short. Adding the clasp increases the length of your piece by about 1”

9. Finally, use one of your crimp beads and the clasp to finish off the side without the bead stopper, then use your second crimp bead and extension chain to finish off your Watermelon Ombre Bracelet!

To continue the fun, try it with other color hues as well!



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