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DIY Leather Leaf Earrings

A pair of leather earrings and scissors on a table.
These are the earrings heard ‘round the world! If you are a Joanna Gaines fan, you know she rocked these regularly on the final season of her hit renovation show Fixer Upper. Because Joann Gaines is known as much for her personal style as her home decorating prowess, this signature accessory exploded in popularity thanks to her! We love Leather Leaf Earrings because they are lightweight, face-flattering, versatile, and, despite the trendiness, they will stand the test of time. To help you create your own versions, we have developed a FREE earring shape template for you to download! Fill out the form below and let’s get stylin’.
Put your own stamp on your Leather Leaf Earrings by varying the leather from matte to metallic, neutral to colorful, and solid to print. The simple, teardrop style in the template can go Boho (our personal fave) with a pair of jeans and a peasant blouse or more elegant (gold metallic with a spring dress – yes, please!). Leather Leaf Earrings make such a great gift to keep on hand for your fashion-forward friends. Here’s your new weekend plan: Get everyone together to make them while binge-watching episodes of Fixer Upper!  
Materials for DIY Leather Leaf Earrings
  • Fake leather
  • Scissors
  • Two pairs of chain nose pliers
  • Two jumprings
  • Two ear wires
  • Optional: leather paint, rivets, eyelets, etc. (for decoration)
  • Ball point pen for tracing
  • Free downloadable earring shape template
Instruction to Create Your Own Leather Leaf Earrings
Step 1: Grab your fake leather of choice, and using a ballpoint pen, trace the pattern around on the wrong side of the fabric, twice. Use sharp scissors to cut your leaf shapes. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 1A Leather Leaf Earrings Step 1B Optional – Step 1.5: Decorate your fake leather with leather paint, rivets, eyelets, whatever you’d like! We opted for a more minimal approach, but don’t hold back your creativity! Step 2: You’ll need two small holes on the curved top part of the leaf shape. Follow our pattern to make sure these are in the right place, and mark with a pen. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 2A Step 3: We used a bookbinding owl to pierce the two holes on the leather – if you don’t have this tool on hand, try a sharp needle or embroidery scissors. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 3A Leather Leaf Earrings Step 3B (wecompress.com) Step 4: Using two chain-nose pliers, twist your jumpring open. Slide the jumpring through both holes in the fake leather. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 4C Step 5: Add your ear wires by looping the jumpring through the earring wire.  Leather Leaf Earrings Step 5A LEather Leaf Earrings Step 5B Step 6: Close the jumpring. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 6 Step 7: Position the jumpring so that it faces upward, and cinches the curve of the leaf together, to create that three-dimensional shape we’re looking for. It helps to continue using your pliers for this step. Leather Leaf Earrings Step 7A Step 8: Repeat on the other leaf, and you’re done! Leather Leaf Earrings Main Image Let’s see your interpretation of these hot Leather Leaf Earrings! Did you change up the shape or use a fun patterned leather? Please share with us on social media and tag us @hellodragonflyfun. Plus, check out our all-inclusive DIY jewelry-making kits, like this On the Fringe Chevron Earrings Kit, for your next project!

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