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DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

A vase filled with autumn leaves and a candle.

Isn’t it a lovely, calming sight when the autumn leaves are falling? Bring the same effect into your home with these beautiful, delicate Leaf Bowls that are as fresh as the fall air. You can display them on your holiday table with a flickering candle or use to hold wrapped candy. Maybe even make a few and give to your favorite teacher or neighbor!

Materials for Fall Leaf Bowls
  • Faux Leaves
  • Mod Podge
  • Large Bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Rubber band or Yarn (optional)
Instructions for Making Fall Leaf Bowls

Step 1: Prepare your bowl by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Make sure there aren’t wrinkles and the plastic wrap evenly covers the surface.

Step 2: Spread an even amount of Mod Podge on the surface of the wrapped bowl. This is an important step because it will allow the leaves to attach easier.

Step 3: Spread a generous amount of Mod Podge on the leaves. Make sure there are no dry spots and the more leaves the better!

Step 4: Press the leaves down and add more Mod Podge. Use the brush to press down on the corners of the leaves.

Step 5: Slowly add layers of leaves and a generous amount of glue. Let the layers dry a bit before adding more leaves. This will ensure an even and neat bowl of leaves.

Step 6: After adding all of your layers, wrap the bowl in plastic wrap, and use a rubber band or yarn to secure in place. Use books or another bowl to press down on the leaves from the top. Let it sit for 3-4 hours.

Step 7: After 3-4 hours, remove the top layer of plastic wrap and let the remaining glue air dry. If some of the leaves start to stick up try to press them down with something heavy.

Step 8: Gently separate the bowl from the plastic wrap. This process takes patience! Make sure you slowly pry it off a bit at a time so your leaf bowl doesn’t lose its shape. 

Step 9: Slowly take the plastic wrap off the inside of your bowl and clean off small bits of glue from the edges. Ta-da! You have a new, attractive piece of fall decor!

Note: If using it as a candle holder, use a layer of felt or heat-absorbing material to keep the base of the bowl from getting hot. Never leave a lit candle unattended.  Another option is to use an LED candle. For use as a treats dish, only use wrapped candy.


Can I use natural leaves?

No, you can’t use real leaves because they are usually dry and very difficult to shape or bend. Also the Mod Podge will eventually break down a natural leaf and your bowl will fall apart.

What type of leaves should I use? 

Thin, fabric leaves are the best for this project because they absorb the glue faster making it more moldable and faster to dry. Thicker, waxier, or plastic leaves aren’t recommended because they keep their shape and will poke up at the edges.

How do I keep the leaves down and not slip around while working on it?

This is why doing it layer by layer is so efficient. If you try to do it all at once the leaves will start slipping and sliding. Wait until it has a stronger grip to add more. The plastic wrap keeps everything tightly together and the elastic band and the weight at the top help for the leaves to stay nicely put together.


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