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Host a Bead Bash jewelry making birthday party with our DIY kit

A group of children looking at a box.

When thinking about our children’s favorite parties, the most successful ones always included their best friends and an activity that the kids can do on their own (with very little adult interference, to boot!). In the spirit of creating the best possible parties, we made the Bead Bash Kit. Our goal was to harnesses our 10+ years of party hosting experience here at Dragonfly Designs in an easy-to-use kit that allows kids (and adults!) to express their creativity by making beautiful beaded jewelry.

The kit contains all of the materials and guides for a party (pliers, beading wire, clasps and crimp beads, and thousands of beads and charms). We have also provided visual instructions that are easy enough for a ten-year-old to create pieces by themselves.

We recently put the Bead Bash Box to the test for Sarah’s 10th birthday. Sarah loves crafting and had done a few jewelry-making projects in the past. Because of her passion and enthusiasm, she was the perfect person to help us fine tune this kit!

Sarah and her friends decided on their first project and placed the beads they’d be using into the paper muffin cups included within the kit. They said that the muffin cups made it easy for them to keep track of the beads for their project and the extra beads could easily be poured back into the kit once the project was complete, which helped keep the bead container organized for future projects. (And let’s be real — picking seed beads up off of a floor or sorting a bajillion of them within a container is no one’s idea of a good time!)

Sarah and her friends started with the pre-strung jewelry provided in the kit. We included some pre-strung pieces to let them get their creative juices flowing and to also help build a little confidence with jewelry-making. We’ve noticed over the years that some kids can be a bit bashful when it comes to their creativity. We wanted to include a breadth of variety with the necessary skill levels so that everyone can feel genuinely comfortable exploring their creative ideas! Some of Sarah’s friends made necklaces while others were inspired to make bracelets. After spending about an hour creating their first pieces from the pre-made jewelry, they decided to try the more advanced jewelry options & created a criss-cross style necklace using the extra beads and charms provided in the kit. We pretty much live to watch kids fall in love with their own creative endeavors, so this was a genuine joy for us to watch them play and advance right before our eyes. At the end of the party, Sarah and her friends loved the different creations that they were able to make themselves. We were so thankful for Sarah and her friends as they helped us fine tune this box — and we’re proud to say we’re confident in its completion and efficacy!

There were a bunch of beads and supplies left after Sarah’s event, so she has been able to continue to make jewelry pieces on her own and with friends after school. Sarah let us know that she loves that she can follow along and do projects entirely on her own, which is something Ana, Sarah’s mom, also appreciates!

In an e-mail to us, Ana said, “Sometimes kid’s craft projects include lower-quality plastic supplies that are difficult for small hands to work with or fall apart easily. There was a noticeable difference in the quality of the materials in the Bead Bash Jewelry Kit. The children wore or displayed their finished projects with pride as a result.” Thanks for the feedback and the compliment, Ana! We loved helping Sarah and her friends find their joy in their jewelry making! We designed the Bead Bash Kit to last, so we use glass beads and professional jewelry findings and supplies, so Sarah’s creations are not going to fall apart with wear and tear nor time.

Both Sarah and Ana said they’d recommend the Bead Bash Jewelry Kit to friends looking to host a jewelry-making party, or simply to learn how to make their own jewelry which is truly the biggest compliment we can receive!

To host a party with the Bead Bash Jewelry Kit, or learn more about it click here. Learn more about our jewelry making kit in the video below.