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Say Thanks to Your Hybrid-Remote Team!

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by Heidi Doerfert On site, remote, hybrid, virtual, home office…no matter how differently your company landscape looks right now, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to make each team member feel seen and appreciated. Years ago, ‘company culture’ became a real buzz phrase when companies like Google set the intention of putting the happiness of their employees first (letting you bring your dog to work doesn’t hurt!), and it’s more relevant than ever. Company culture is simply what it’s like to work at a particular company – the vibe, the connection you have to your co-workers, the perks you receive, a sense of purpose, flexibility, recognition and more. It’s critical information when a candidate is deciding whether to accept a position and ultimately, what inspires them to stay in that position.   But with all of this variety in the way we’re working, how do you reach out, connect, and reward your people? Springing for donuts in the lunchroom on Fridays probably won’t cut it these days. Here at Dragonfly Designs, we’ve spent the past few years working with our own global remote team while perfecting our virtual events for other teams like yours!   Here are some ideas we’ve come up with to help you say THANK YOU:

Personalized Thank You Card

Send a personalized thank you card and be specific about why they make a difference. Choose from our selection of artist-designed cards you can download and print yourself or send a convenient, free e-card anytime! These are great to thank co-workers, clients, vendors, and anyone who helps you succeed!

Send a Digital E-Card

Printable Thank You Card

Download Employee Appreciation e-Cards for FREE

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Show You Care!

  • Celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays and milestones. They will be pleased you remembered.
  • Hit a goal? Land an account? Spotlight your team for a job well done.
  • Let loose with themed days: Wacky Hats, Team Colors, Beach Day.
  • It’s simple but it’s effective – time off!
  • Give back and rally around a charitable cause.
  • Create a virtual “water cooler” on your communication platform. We do this with our staff and it’s a lot of fun!

Connect Over a Cool Experience!

Our artists will guide your team in an exciting, creative activity in the project of your choice. Virtual art events are the best way to break down those walls, get everyone bonding and on the same page! We’ll send each participant their own materials kit and offer premium gift box add-ons to up the wow factor.  

No matter how simple or grand the gesture, taking the time to give your employees a shout-out and make a meaningful connection will have a big impact!


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