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Dreaming of Summer

A woman sitting at a desk and painting a surfboard.

by Heidi Doerfert

Our Virtual Team Events are Coming in Hot!

It’s an exciting time when spring gives way to summer – we can almost feel the sand in our toes! Our artists have put on their shades and are channeling some serious summer vibes. We hope you’re inspired to bring your team together for an energetic, creative experience. It’s the best mental escape!

True Colors

May is Pride Month and we’ve got the projects to show that rainbow love! From colorful hearts on canvas to a Love is Love design on a handy dandy tote bag, express yourself and spread kindness!

Event Tip: Ask everyone to dress in monochromatic bright colors for a party that pops!

Fab Fiesta

When it comes to our summer team events, tacos and cocktails are always on the menu. Paint a mouth watering margarita or tasty taco on either a canvas or a tote bag (to hold more tacos)!

Event Tip: Add on a Wine Tasting Flight to your experience. We offer a 4 pack of 6.3 oz bottles of small batch wine so you can Paint n’ Sip!

A New Leaf

Go boho with this on trend macramé hanger that holds a plant, fruit or even a vase of flowers!

Event Tip: Give your team a list of 5 Easy-Care Indoor Plants:

– Jade Plant

– ZZ Plant

– Tillandsia Air Plant

– String of Pearls

– Pothos

If summer is a state of mind, we hope you’re excited to dive into a refreshing, creative experience! They will provide lasting benefits for your team!

  • Reduce Stress
  • Spark Imagination
  • Increase Joy
  • Team Bonding
  • Feel Positive About Company
  • Encourage Teamwork
  • Build Trust

“Creativity is a meeting with yourself.”- Jill Badonsky, Author/Illustrator, Creativity Coach