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Creative Escape

A desk with art supplies and a laptop on it.

by Heidi Doerfert

Get ready to go on an artistic adventure this summer!

Our projects were inspired by painters with a unique point of view like California artist Wayne Thiebaud whose muse was food. Our S’Mores painting is the perfect piece for you to take a bite out of this pop art style! Learn how to create geometric florals reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama in one of our exciting, artist-guided Virtual Painting Events.

Artists from Around the World

Chances are, you’ve seen the work of California-based artist Wayne Thiebaud (November 15, 1920 – December 25, 2021) which is reproduced on notecards, calendars, and t-shirts. His colorful depictions of everyday items, most notably sweet treats like pies and ice cream, are incredibly popular and instantly recognizable. His technique of heavy brushstrokes and using a knife as if to “frost” his creations, sets him apart.Japan’s Yayoi Kusama, nicknamed the “princess of dots” was a provocative avant-garde artist who used polka dots, color and repetitive imagery like pumpkins in her unmistakable work.

“Our earth is only one polka dot among a million stars in the cosmos. Polka dots are a way to infinity. When we obliterate nature and our bodies with polka dots, we become part of the unity of our environment.” – Yayoi Kusama

Stars & Stripes

Who needs fireworks when you can celebrate the 4th of July with a team event that SPARKS creativity! (See what we did there?) Encourage your crew to sport red, white and blue and paint outside to get the full experience. Choose from Tie Dye or Painting – you can even paint a scene on a tote bag to stash your summer essentials!

A Personal Message from Our Founder, Stacee

Dragonfly Designs originally began as a jewelry art event company but we are SO much more! Watch this short video message from our founder Stacee Gillelen who highlights all of our amazing offerings to connect corporate teams, families and kids to their creative side!